Planet Green Revs Up ‘Detroit in Overdrive’

Few American cities have been as sadly portrayed as Detroit over the last few years. As someone with deep roots in the Motor City (both of my parents were born and raised there), it has been hard to watch. This Thursday night at 9pm ET/PT, however, Planet Green takes a much more hopeful look at the city and what’s being done there to rebuild and revitalize.

Detroit in Overdrive follows the inspiring stories of several individuals as they do their part not only to bring Detroit back to a place of stability, but to transform it into a new city full of hope and innovation. The three-part documentary will introduce creative thinkers and the skills they bring to the table in hopes of strengthening their community.  Avant-garde art projects, radical new food systems and integral technology for the homeless are just some of the highlights of Detroit in Overdrive.

Here’s Kid Rock talking about his hometown and why he believes in its resilience and rebirth: