Discovery Channel Unearths Treasures on ‘Auction Kings’ & ‘Dirty Money’ Tuesday Night

Auction Kings' Paul Brown

With the Gallery 63 auction house overflowing with its eclectic collection of items, it’s time for another season of Discovery Channel’s Auction Kings. Paul Brown and the rest of his crew have hunted down some historical treasures in the past, including handwritten poem by Jim Morrison, letters signed by Thomas Edison regarding his employees’ work performances and a Cadillac once owned by Elvis Presley. While a lot of these items are priceless to collectors, the outcome of the auction is always a gamble. The new season of Auction Kings kicks off tomorrow, August 9, at 9pm ET/PT with a World War II Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a mid-1800s woman gambler’s watch with a special (deadly) surprise.

Then, after Auction Kings, Discovery premieres its new series Dirty Money at 10pm ET/PT. Literally turning trash into treasure, John DiResta (the negotiator), and his brother Jimmy DiResta (the craftsman), take dumpster-diving to new depths. With the help of John’s son Matthew (aka “Rat Boy”), the family collects curbside items and antiques from the five New York City boroughs and transforms them into one-of-a-kind collectibles. The first episode reveals how Jimmy turns a Smith Corona No. 3 typewriter into a “steam punk” modern computer keyboard. Check out a sneak peek at the vintage keyboard below, and tune in for other transformations from garbage to flea market.