Attention ‘Enginerds’: ‘JUNKies’ and ‘Stuck with Hackett’ Premiere on Science Tonight

Jimmy's JunkScience viewers are curious about our world and what lies beyond, and tonight the network debuts two new series — JUNKies (at 10pm ET/PT) and Stuck with Hackett (at 10:30pm ET/PT) that will inspire the nerd in everyone.

First up, JUNKies introduces us to Long Island’s Jimmy “The Junk Genius” Ruocco, who builds inspired creations from discarded scraps. Find out more about the guys at Jimmy’s Junk and tune in tonight as team looks to finish a jet-propelled merry-go-round and regular customer Hale Storm (no, he’s not a meteorologist) tries to sell Jimmy a unique chair.

Following JUNKies, modern MacGyver Chris Hackett turns dire straights into creature comforts in Stuck with Hackett — forging a hot tub from snow or a working train from rusted wreckage (as in tonight’s premiere). Check out Hackett as he works with “obtanium” to make junkyard magic below and make sure to follow him on Twitter at @StuckWHackett!