New Episodes of ‘Family Game Night’ Return to The Hub This Friday

Dear The Hub:

Todd Newton, Host of 'Family Game Night'

Thank you so much for your show, Family Game Night. My kids are addicted. They love watching other families compete in games they know and love — Connect Four, Boppit, Twister and others — and are absolutely enraptured whenever the show comes on the air.

You’ve made road trips easier for us, and you’ve even improved my kids’ game-playing skills when we play them at home. I was happy to see that you have new games this season; my kids are going to be even more excited about the new shows. I also love that this is a show that I can watch — and enjoy —with them, which is rare for kids’ programming.

Here’s to a great new season, and you know we’ll be tuning in on Friday at 7pm!