It’s a ‘Dinosaur Revolution’ This Sunday on Discovery Channel

Dinosaur Revolution GetGlue StickerWorking for Discovery, I achieve an extra “cool factor” with my nephews when I can introduce them to new series or specials about the natural world — from Life to Shark Week. And, with dinosaurs among the most popular subjects when they do pop in a DVD (Gus likes the “biting parts”), I’m excited that Discovery Channel‘s Dinosaur Revolution has arrived (premieres Sunday at 9pm ET/PT).

The series, which had Comic-Con fans excited earlier this summer, is a new way of presenting dinosaurs that combines the artistic and storytelling talents of the world’s most renowned dinosaur illustrators, along with the most up-to-date discoveries. Case in point: the dancing Gigantoraptor below. (I can’t help but think this could inspire Lady Gaga’s next video.)

The four-hour special will continue next Sunday, September 11, at 9pm ET/PT, as well. To bide the time before and in between, you can preview the original storyboards from the series with these fun “flip card” sets. Also, don’t forget to check in both weeks on GetGlue for dino stickers featuring these prehistoric beauties.