TLC’s ‘Cake Boss’ Returns Tonight – New Home, Same Great Cakes

TLC’s Cake Boss returns tonight at 10pm ET/PT (note the new time!) for its mid-season premiere. It’s a new era: Buddy and his crew of bakers and decorators move from Carlo’s Bakery to Lackawanna — their new, much larger facility. There will also be some celebrity sightings this fall, as race car driver Danica Patrick and Regis Kelly pay Buddy a visit. Also to come: Joey must decide whether to stay on as a fireman or work at the bakery and, with his 10th year anniversary coming up, Buddy gets back down on one knee and asks Lisa to renew their wedding vows.

However, tonight Buddy faces a big challenge: making an edible chandelier cake that must hang upside down. (!) It’s also Baby Carlo’s christening, and, in typical Buddy style, he’s pulling out all the stops to make sure that it’s an extremely special occasion for la famiglia. Here’s a sneak peek at the Lackawanna facility…will Buddy actually drop that chandelier cake?