New Episodes of MythBusters Return to Discovery Channel on Wednesday

Adam Savage of MythBustersThey’ve tackled some crazy myths over the years (and nabbed three consecutive Emmy nominations) and tomorrow Discovery Channel‘s MythBusters will be back with more science and mayhem. Among the myths they will tackle this season:

  • Are motorcycles better for the environment than cars? (This Wednesday’s episode, at 9pm ET/PT)
  • Can you supersize a Newton’s Cradle to epic proportions?
  • Can you use duct tape to fix a plane that has been mauled by a bear? (As odd as this one sounds, it’s a story that has inundated our fansite message boards for years!)
  • Could a methane blast inside a sewer blow manhole covers tens of feet into the air?

And who says science can’t be fun? Catch a sneak peek of tomorrow’s premiere below and listen for the new open, courtesy of the Dandy Warhols!