Discovery Channel, Penn & Teller Are Ready to Lie to You

Penn & Teller Tell A LieAs kids we’re taught that lying is wrong. Then, as we grow up, we learn that there are nuances and those “white lies.” But there is also another class of deception — lying in the name of entertainment and enlightenment. That’s exactly what Discovery Channel is bringing us on Wednesday nights with Penn & Teller Tell A Lie (premiering at 10pm ET/PT, after MythBusters).

In the new series, hosted by the iconic Penn & Teller, viewers are presented with several stories in each episode and asked to use their knowledge and powers of deduction to detect which one is a lie. Taking the interactive guessing game to a new level, the Guess the Lie co-viewing app allows you to place your bets in real time while watching (the results will be featured in the show), and also get fun extras and chat with fans during the show. Some of the truths/lies tackled include:

  • You can melt steel with bacon.
  • A jet engine can blow out a forest fire.
  • You can lift a car with a head of human hair.
  • Wallpaper can stop a wrecking ball.

So download the app (available on iPad, iPhone and online), follow @PennJillette and @MrTeller on Twitter and be prepared to be lied to!