‘Creating Change’ for Colorbars Network

This Creating Change post is from guest blogger Kate Delmonico, Social Media Specialist for TLC. Stay tuned for more guest posts throughout the day.

Dori Grossman and Tammy Shea hard at work for Colorbars

Fueled by lunch and (perhaps too much?) caffeine, the Creating Change volunteer groups are powering through the afternoon. I got the chance to sit down with one group working on a comprehensive communications plan for Colorbars Network, a nonprofit organization that helps all people of color advance professionally in the media, entertainment and communications industries. Like many nonprofit organizations, Colorbars Network is trying to achieve maximum reach and effectiveness with limited resources.

PR and communications professionals Katie Grant, Tammy Shea, Andrew Grinc and Dori Grossman are working to help the organization effectively communicate their message to their core audience through emphasizing the value the organization can bring to members. The team is hoping to stress the depth of the organization’s mentor program in their communications strategy. Another bonus? Colorbars Network offers its services completely free of charge.

Team Leader Katie Grant tells me, “Colorbars Network is a passion project for the founders. The organization is fueled by volunteers who all work full-time jobs and contribute to advancing the organization’s mission in their spare time.”

We are excited to see what the team comes up with!