‘Creating Change’ for DC Diaper Bank

This Creating Change post is from guest blogger Nikki Lowe, Marketing Manager for our Licensing team. We’re getting close to the end of our creative marathon, but we’ll have a few more updates coming your way.

Did you know that a person cannot use food stamps or any other government assistance to pay for diapers because they’re not technically a necessity?

Did you know that in most cases a child cannot go to daycare without a full supply of diapers?

Did you know that a baby in a wet, soiled diaper cries a lot more than one in a clean diaper…and if that baby cries more that in turn stresses the parent out…and when parents are stressed out there is a greater chance of child abuse and shaken baby syndrome?

As a mom the hairs on my arms raise when talking about and learning about the need for something so basic: diapers. This is my second year participating in Creating Change and I’m just as inspired as I was one year ago. Today I’m working on behalf of DC Diaper Bank, an organization providing diapers to families in need. Our team is honored to be working with such a great cause and will be providing them a marketing strategy, identity system, flyer template, fact sheet and web design exploration. With two hours left, we’re happy with our progress but have a long way to go to deliver polished pieces and presentation.

Next time you look at a baby, perhaps hold your own or change a diaper, think about this: Diapers are a basic need that many families take for granted. Most people are not aware that 1 in 3 American moms have had to choose between buying diapers and affording other basic needs, such as food and utilities. Something as simple as a clean diaper can keep babies healthy, allow them to attend day care, allow mom to go to work, and relieve stress on a family struggling to make ends meet.

Which is why…changing babies changes lives.