3net Launches New Interactive Website and Social Platforms

3net, the joint venture 24/7 3D network from Sony, Discovery and IMAX, has launched an equally forward-looking website: 3net.com, the online experience of the 3net television brand.  Designed to appeal to the emerging in-home 3D audience, 3net.com features a modern user experience, including visual and navigational features intended to mirror how today’s consumers interact and consume content. The site combines elements of a traditional website, in addition to features of a game console, navigational aspects of mobile and tablet devices, as well as the interactive experience of modern digital television on-screen guides.

3net.com brings consumers a full array of rich content offerings, employing a unique, full-screen liquid visual design to mirror the brand’s core 3D offerings in a 2D environment. The site employs 2D and 3D video, a 3D “101” and &A section, channel and industry news sections and a dynamic interactive program guide, all designed to give today’s emerging in-home 3D consumer an opportunity to learn about and engage with the 3net brand.

You can also find 3net on its newly-launched Facebook and Twitter pages.