Holiday Gift Guides from Animal Planet, TreeHugger and Parentables

Any procrastinators out there? If you’re still working on your holiday gift list and coming up short in the inspiration department, we have a few gift guides that might help you, even with the pickiest of recipients.

Animal Planet has a series of gift guides for hipster pets, overindulged pets, dog and cat lovers, and even green pet lovers. My favorite is the DJ Cat Scratch Turntable from Perpetual Kid:


Meanwhile, TreeHugger has a whole series of 2011 green gift guides for people as diverse as outdoor enthusiasts, foodies, DIYers, pop culture fans, fashion buffs, design junkies, and more.  If you can’t find gifts here for the people on your list, then I’m thinking that a gift card is probably in order.

Finally, Parentables has a few gift guides of its own, such as this list of gifts under $35 or the 10 best gifts for new babies.

So put your feet up, do some surfing, and cross the gift list off your to-do list.