Get Inspired to Clean Out that Closet with ‘What Not to Wear’ & ‘Keep It or Toss It’

Keep It or Toss ItWith the New Year comes new promises to ourselves — eating better, spending more time with family, stepping away from that BlackBerry every once in a while, etc. Well, if you’re like me, one of your resolutions might be to take a hard look at your wardrobe and determine which pieces you need and which ones should find a new home or be retired.

If you’re hoping to purge your closet, tune in tonight to the season finale of TLC‘s What Not to Wear at 9pm ET/PT for inspiration from Stacy & Clinton, and take to the show’s fansite to upload your photos of pieces you need some help deciding whether to ditch. What Not to Wear‘s “Keep It or Toss It” will help you leverage the fashion know-how of fellow TLC fans to make the tough choices. Don’t we all need that person to tell us to step away from the dress we bought in the 90s?