TLC’s Tuesday Night Features ‘Sorority Girls’ & ‘Undercover Princes’

Undercover Princes
Crown Prince Manvendra of Rajpipla, Prince Africa Zulu of Onkweni Royal House and Prince Remigius of Jaffna

TLC‘s always giving us a glimpse into worlds and experiences that we often know little about, and that’s just what the network has lined up for Tuesday, January 31, with the premieres of Sorority Girls and Undercover Princes.

Premiering at 9pm ET/PT, Sorority Girls introduces us to five girls looking to bring the Greek life to a university on the other side of the Atlantic in Leeds, United Kingdom. Can this American custom mesh with English tradition?

Following Sorority Girls at 10pm ET/PT, TLC continues its sojourn in the UK as three single princes visit the country in search of their princesses in Undercover Princes. Ditching their entourages and taking on everyday jobs in this real-world Coming to America (one of my favorite comedies of all time), you’ll meet:

  • Crown Prince Manvendra of Rajpipla:Age 46; from one of India’s richest royal families; shocked the world by becoming the first Indian royal to come out as gay.
  • Prince Africa Zulu of Onkweni Royal House: Age 33; from South Africa; grew up in a traditional and conservative family; struggles with the liberal Brighton culture and with Prince Manvendra’s sexuality.
  • Prince Remigius of Jaffna: Age 47; from Sri Lanka; raised with strict protocol in search of a queen to continue the royal line.

And keep an eye out for Undercover Princesses (coming to TLC later this year)!