Investigation Discovery Debuts ‘The Injustice Files: At the End of a Rope’ Tonight

Keith Beauchamp of 'The Injustic Files: At the End of a Rope'
The Injustice Files' Keith Beauchamp

Tonight, investigative filmmaker Keith Beauchamp returns to Investigation Discovery to examine shocking tales of suspected modern-day lynchings in the United States. Often associated with an earlier era of racial prejudice and all-to-common hate crimes, The Injustice Files: At the End of a Rope looks at four mysterious hanging deaths, all ruled suicides, but that many believe were deliberate murders.

Beauchamp believes the newest installment of The Injustice Files will be “a huge awakening for many who will have to confront the unsettling thought that lynchings still may occur in this country, proving how far we have to go to obtain true justice for all.” Joined by a criminologist, psychologist and forensic pathologist, Beauchamp re-examines these closed cases in the search for justice and closure for families and communities.

Watch an interview from tonight’s premiere below and tune in for the two-hour special event at 8pm ET/PT on Investigation Discovery.