Waddle on Over to ‘Penguin Cam’

Penguins with Penguin Cam
Penguins Check Out the Latest Addition to Their Home at SeaWorld San Diego

There are a few basic truths in life that we can all agree upon, such as bad news comes in threes or, despite all efforts, you will turn into your mother. Another one of those truths is that the Internet paired with adorable animals is irresistible. You probably remember Panda Cam (live from the Smithsonian National Zoo) and Shark Cam (brought to you by Discovery Channel and the Georgia Aquarium)…now, it’s time for the penguins to shine!

As we get ready for the March 18th premiere of Frozen Planet on Discovery Channel in the U.S., the network has teamed up with SeaWorld to bring you Penguin Cam — a 24/7 live feed from SeaWorld San Diego’s Penguin Encounter attraction. The Encounter has five species of penguins (over 300 of ’em!) and you can tune in for daily feedings, educator presentations and weekly chats with experts (starting March 19 at 12pm ET). You can find out what it takes to bring Penguin Cam to you on Discovery.com and make sure to check out the live feed! (If you’re like me, you’ll have one of your two screens dedicated to these guys.)