Science Asks, ‘Are We Alone?’

Are We Alone? MonthMany scientists, writers and Hollywood films (my favs: Contact and Men in Black) set their sites on on that big question: Is there intelligent life beyond Earth? And what better network than Science to explore the subject. Starting March 6, Science is launching Are We Alone? Month in conjunction with TED and the SETI Institute. Things kick off tomorrow night at 10pm ET/PT with the return of Through the Wormhole, as Morgan Freeman asks, “Will we survive first contact?”

Are We Alone? Month is also not just about pondering the question from your couch. You’re also invited to help analyze data coming from SETI’s Allen Telescope Array (ATA) with SETI Live. The work of citizen scientists will have people of all ages searching for alien life and influence what ATA observes the next month.

Check out a preview of Tuesday’s Through the Wormhole (with our favorite Dr. Michio Kaku) below: