Discovery Education Expands ‘Techbook’ Offerings

Technology is transforming the way that students are learning even more rapidly than before. (Personally, I remember fighting to be the kid advancing the film strip with the beep, before automated projectors and the rise of DVDs.) Our Discovery Education team has been leading the way in enriching the classroom experience and improving student performance and engagement through digital content for years (read more about this from Discovery Education CEO Bill Goodwyn), and on Friday they announced the launch of additional digital textbooks — for middle school social studies and high school science students — following the debut of Science Techbooks for grades K-8 in August.

Discovery Education Middle School Social Studies Techbook
Discovery Education Middle School Social Studies Techbooks

The shared goal of Discovery Education, school districts and teachers? To inspire students’ curiosity, promote critical thinking and positively impact student achievement through digital resources — from interactive explorations and compelling video, images and text. Launching in classrooms for the 2012-13 chool year, the new Techbooks will be updated in real-time, providing a living, engaging and interactive tool for students and teachers. Understanding that not all school districts have the funds to provide every student with their own device, the Discovery Education Science and Social Studies Techbooks are cloud-based and platform agnostic to work with whatever hardware a district has, spanning tablet and computer types, and they offer a substantially less expensive option per student than traditional textbooks.

Are you a teacher using digital textbooks? A parent whose kids are experiencing this classroom revolution first hand? Let Discovery Education know at!