Jeremy Wade Goes in Search of ‘Catfish Big Enough to Swallow a Man’

While I am endlessly fascinated by the creatures Jeremy Wade finds in the water, I am equally completely terrified by their existence. But, like a good, scary movie, it’s hard for me to look away (even if I am squirming thinking about one of those monsters swishing past me in a lake).

Sunday’s premiere of River Monsters at 9pm ET/PT on Animal Planet does not disappoint the side of me that enjoys watching Wade’s adventures from the safety of my couch. Jeremy casts for bull sharks in Florida and then heads to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri in search of alarmingly enormous catfish. For the first time, Jeremy will go “noodling,” a term for catching catfish with your bare hands (see Hillbilly Handfishin’).

And, if you ever wished you could pick the brain of Jeremy Wade, he’s chatting live with fans on Sunday night before the premiere of River Monsters. Visit at 8pm ET to ask him about his life as an extreme angler (more from Jeremy below). Fish on!