Going, Going…Gone! Robots, Punt Guns & Iron Maidens on Discovery Channel

Auction Kings was one of the first shows I worked on when I first started in social media at Discovery Channel. Set at storied Georgia auction house, Gallery 63, Paul Brown and his crew get some pretty cool and pretty strange items coming in.  I always looked forward to finding out which wacky, nostalgic, one-of-a kind items the auctions would be featured that week. The subject line of my emails would read “Hand Cannon/Faberge Pencil” or “Jim Morrison Poem/Cabbage Patch Dolls.” I, of course, immediately knew I would love my new job.

Tonight’s premiere (10pm ET/PT) is no exception, with a star-spangled T-Bucket roadster, 80s robot and iron maiden (historical torture device, not the 80s rock band) all going on the auction block.

But before Auction Kings, catch up with the Wyatt family as American Guns at 9pm ET/PT. Owners of one of the premiere gun outlets in the country, Gunsmoke, the Wyatts make, buy, sell and trade some of the most specialized guns in the country. On tonight’s premiere, Gunsmoke is commissioned to create a historical, and somewhat enormous, punt gun (preview below).