It’s Mother’s Day (x4) with TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’

Happy (early) Mother’s Day! I’m so excited that I get to spend Mother’s Day with my incredible, beautiful mom, but I am also secretly looking forward to Sunday for another reason — the return of TLC‘s Sister Wives!

Baby Solomon Brown
Baby Solomon Brown

Sister Wives is one of those shows I just can’t miss, and I was thrilled to be able to work on the show in my previous role on the TLC Social Media team. To me, it truly represents what TLC is all about: life worth watching.

When we last left the Brown household, the family was adjusting to life in Las Vegas, as well as welcoming this little bundle of joy, Robyn and Kody’s first baby together.

On Sunday, we catch up with the family during their first Christmas in Vegas, and the weight of living in four separate homes continues to be a burden on the family. Meri and Robyn also have to address a big question hanging in the air: after the troubles Meri has had conceiving a child, will Robyn become a surrogate for Meri?

Sister Wives premieres on TLC this Sunday at 9pm ET/PT. Check out a sneak peek below and have a happy Mother’s Day!