TLC’s ‘Obese and Expecting’ & ‘Birth Moms’ Show Different Sides of Pregnancy

Obese and ExpectingWhile pregnancy is often an exciting and happy time, tonight, TLC is giving us a glimpse into the more complicated side of expecting a baby. Obese and Expecting (at 9pm ET/PT tonight) highlights the risks associated with being severely overweight while carrying a baby. In a truly gut-wrenching scene, the doctors attempt to give a 350-pound woman an epidural as she goes into labor. The doctors spend over 45 minutes trying to find a precise spot to inject the epidural, one example of the way obesity can complicate the beautiful milestone of birth.

Following Obese and Expecting ( at 10pm ET/PT), the documentary Birth Moms takes us through the emotional rollercoaster that awaits expectant moms who are planning to give their children up for adoption at the end of nine months. A raw look at the realities of unplanned pregnancy, Birth Moms profiles Kandice, a-23 year-old mom of two who is considering adoption. Check out a sneak peek: