Discovery Channel Revisits the ‘Ivory Wars’ This Saturday

Sabi Sands Elephants, Photo by Amber Harris
Elephants Gather at a Watering Hole in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve

About two years ago, I made a memorable trip to South Africa and had the fortune of spending several days in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve. While I’ve always been an animal lover (wild and domestic), my time there cemented my appreciation for a variety of animals, including elephants (the picture at right is from my first game drive ever).

You see, I was on the hunt, but my trophies were thousands of timeless photos — many of which hang in my home today. However, there is a more sinister hunt going on today, as people illegally poach African elephants in spite of a 23-year international ban on the ivory trade. Discovery Channel’s Ivory Wars, Saturday at 8pm ET/PT, takes an in-depth look at the massacre of these majestic animals that are being killed for their tusks in Kenya and other African nations.

The act is brutal and impact is lasting: young elephants are orphaned, populations are decimated, and wildlife rangers and poachers lose their lives. As China, the world’s largest market for illegal ivory, brims with it, the long-term prospects of the African elephant is in question.

Watch a preview of Saturday’s special below and tune in June 23 at 8pm ET/PT to educate yourself about the plight of these beautiful creatures.