America’s Best Bacon, Burgers and Steak Discovered in Destination America’s ‘United States of Food’

Destination AmericaThe Fourth of July has already come and gone, but just because our national holiday passed doesn’t mean we have to forget about one of the most uniting forces in America — food. And chef and restauranteur Todd Fisher searches the country high and low for the best bacon, burgers and steaks in Destination America‘s new series United States of Food.

Chef Todd takes his food seriously, and visits eateries with the best and most inventive dishes in the country. He makes stops at smaller businesses, like the Bacon Bacon Truck in San Francisco that serves scrumptious bacon grilled cheeses, and also at larger businesses, like Crif Dogs in New York City (where he spots the record-holding hot dog competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi among the crowd).

The first installment, United States of Bacon, airs this Sunday, July 8 at 10pm ET/PT, and you can tune in (and let your mouth water) the following two Sundays as Chef Todd explores burgers and steaks. Get ready to feast with your eyes!