Science & John Noble Return with a New Season of ‘Dark Matters’ Tonight

What if humans had the ability to make an object simply vanish in thin air? Is it right to experiment with a living organ donor if it advances scientific knowledge? What happens when science is pushed to the limit?  Science‘s Dark Matters: Twisted But True explores some of the most bizarre, shocking and strange experiments ever conducted in history with host and science fiction favorite John Noble as your guide.

Dark Matters Panel at Comic-Con 2012
Dark Matters’ John Noble Gets a Standing Ovation at Comic-Con 2012

This week Science has been taking Comic-Con by storm, including yesterday’s Dark Matters panel drew throngs of fans who hung on every entrancing word from John Noble and the panelists (one lucky fan even got a big hug, at the request of her husband, so she wouldn’t be as afraid of the sinister topics and narration). The series’ second season, premiering tonight at 10pm ET/PT, will take a look at 39 new and twisted stories…and, judging by the audience’s reaction at Comic-Con to the a special preview, you will all be on the edge of your seat!