Discovery Communicatons Takes On Comic-Con 2012

As a Comic-Con newbie, I was unsure of what to expect when I packed my bags last week. If you’ve never been to San Diego Comic-Con, it’s some parts magic, some parts mayhem, and all parts awesome. The magnitude of the event cannot be overstated, as 130,000 people pack the San Diego Convention Center dressed in costume, waiting in line for hours to see their favorite panels. It’s definitely a “you have to see it to believe it” type of event.

Discovery Communications had a great presence at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, with panels for SCIENCE’s Dark Matters, Firefly and Stuff You Should Know; Discovery’s Mythbusters and five panels from our friends at The Hub.

Josh and Chuck’s Stuff You Should Know panel kicked of the Comic-Con craziness, recording a live version of their hit podcast about the science behind time travel. Notable quotes include: “Hawking is my homeboy” and “You can time travel into the future, you just have to go really, really, really fast.” Panel attendees also got a sneak peek of Josh and Chuck’s new show, Stuff You Should Know, coming to SCIENCE in January 2013. In this picture, they are meeting their life-sized alter egos, and Chuck appears to be unsure about the stand-up-poster version of Josh.

The fans have spoken! The SYSK fans packed the room to learn about time travel.



All of Comic-Con was buzzing about the Firefly 10th anniversary panel. Packed to the gills with uber-fans who slept in line overnight for a chance to glimpse the Serenity crew back together again, the panel also featured Firefly creator Joss Whedon. SCIENCE also announced their special dedicated to the reunion, called Browncoats Unite, premiering on 11/11/2012.

 Question everything. SCIENCE was literally all over Comic-Con with their bright orange swag bags. This nice Storm Trooper would have given his SCIENCE bag a big “thumbs up”…that is, if he had thumbs.

The street team hard at work, spreading the SCIENCE love!


Later, John Noble’s fans flocked to his Dark Matters panel to learn more about the dark side of scientific experiments. The new season of Dark Matters premiered on SCIENCE Saturday at 10pm ET/PT.




On Saturday night, Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters rounded out the event with their panel, moderated by director John Landis. The SDCC audience was treated to an exclusive sneak preview of the upcoming season, which you can now check out here.


Our friends at The Hub also joined in on the Comic-Con fun, with 5 panels (including the very popular My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic panel) an Aquabats concert and of course, Care Bears!


One of the best parts of Comic-Con? Spending time with my fellow Discovery Communications colleagues and coming together to pull off such a huge event. It was a great team effort and now the only question left is how we can outdo ourselves in 2013!