Discovery Channel Takes ‘Dirty Jobs’ Down Under Tonight

Mike Rowe in 'Dirty Jobs Down Under'While I don’t have the cool accent, I consider myself a partial Aussie (my mother is still an Australian citizen after nearly 40 years in the U.S.). For that reason (and because I’m a big Mike Rowe fan), I definitely won’t miss Dirty Jobs Down Under. Yes, that’s right, Mike is traveling across the Pacific to the land of Oz and trying his hand at new dirty jobs — from chopping down poisonous milkwood trees with Aboriginal guidance to capturing protected (but dangerous) Eastern Brown snakes in Adelaide.

Watch a preview from tonight’s episode (10pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel) below and make sure to follow Twitter newcomer and Dirty Jobs producer @ProducerBarsky (aka David Barsky) during the premiere for behind-the-scenes commentary!