Meet the Most Pup-ular Dog in America

Who doesn’t love Pound Puppies? He would probably kill me for saying this, but when my fiance’s family moved out of his childhood home, the main item he was interested in rescuing from the trash heap was his beloved childhood stuffed Pound Puppy. The Pound Puppy safely survived the move and now lives with us in Washington — very cosmopolitan.

You can spend your Saturday with the Pound Puppies, as The Dog Days of Summer continue on The Hub. Starting at 9am ET, a Pound Puppies marathon will have a special guest star — the winner of The Dog Days of Summer’s Pup-ularity Contest! The winner (who will received a trip to LA for four and a $5,000 donation in their name to the Petfinder Foundation) will be revealed during the marathon, and let’s just say he/she is a very special pup.