Feed Your Curiosity with the New HowStuffWorks App for Windows 8

HowStuffWorks App for Windows 8This morning, Microsoft Corp. unveiled its new OS, Windows 8, and fans of HowStuffWorks now have a new way to easily access the articles and podcasts that keep curiosity-seekers in the know about the world around them.

From Stuff You Should Know to Stuff You Missed in History Class, the new HowStuffWorks app makes sure your favorite HowStuffWorks personalities and need-to-know content are at your fingertips with a quick, free download from the Windows Store. You also can quiz yourself to make sure you’re on top of your “stuff.” The app is available on all Windows 8 devices through the Windows Store.

Additionally, consumers can get a deeper look at the new app and Windows 8 in a special series of videos from the experts on the TechStuff team, launching tomorrow at HowStuffWorks.com!