Keeping Pets Safe and Accounted For Through Weather Emergencies

As the East Coast assesses the damage from Hurricane Sandy, Petfinder wants to help pets who have been lost due to the extreme weather.

In the chaos of evacuations and emergency situations, animals often get loose, as they can sense atmospheric pressure changes and may act erratically. If you live in an area effected by the storm, and you have encountered lost animals or your pet has gone missing, Petfinder has information about the proper next steps to ensure these pets are returned safely to their homes.

Petfinder is helping lost pets find their homes by spreading the word about what to do if your pet goes missing, as well as what action you should take if you find a lost dog and how to tell if a cat is a stray.

Petfinder wants your help in sharing this information, so please visit their Facebook page and share this infographic with your friends and family to get the word out about how to handle this difficult situation.