The Search for Bigfoot Continues on Animal Planet This Sunday

Finding BigfootOn Discovery Channel, the hunt is for gold; meanwhile, on TLC, the search is for the perfect wedding dress. But, on Animal Planet, the search is for something I am not sure many people would want to encounter: a sasquatch.

Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot chronicles the adventures of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) as they search North America and around the world for sasquatches (also known as yowies in Australia or orang-pendek in Indonesia). Through photos, videos, interviews and new technology, the BFRO team is out to prove, once and for all, that these mysterious creatures exist.

This season viewers will also be treated to a special pre-show moderated by series Executive Producer Keith Hoffman, bringing together the team to share greater detail and information that does not make it into the final cut. Don’t miss the return of Finding Bigfoot Sunday, November 11 at 10pm ET/PT (with the Meet the Squatchers special at 9pm ET/PT)…only on Animal Planet!