The Greatest Athletic Event of the Year is Almost Here: Puppy Bowl IX

I know everyone likes puppies (how could you not?), but I like to think I have a particular affinity for puppies. I grew up always having dogs and living my “adult” life without a pup of my own is a little heartwrenching, which is why I always look forward to Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. Working at Discovery has its major perks (enter: Chompie attacks) but getting the inside baseball on the world’s cutest sporting event is pretty much the greatest ever.

But don’t despair – those of you who don’t work at Discovery can still get in on all things Puppy Bowl IX, including getting the inside scoop on all of the ruff and tumble action. To get in the spirit, you can check out a live 24/7 live Puppy Cam (yes, you read that correctly), hear about all the behind-the-scenes fur flying action from the Puppy Bowl ref, and more.

On game day, make sure to follow @MeepTheBird for his live updates during game day and sync up with Puppy Bowl Plus, powered by IntoNow, to stay updated on all the fur-flying action.

Puppy Bowl IX premieres Sunday, February 3 at 3pm ET/PT on Animal Planet. For the play-by-play action, make sure to visit and to follow@AnimalPlanet on Twitter. While we don’t claim this to be scientific evidence, we do have some footage of the Puppy Cam puppies making a prediction about the winning football team for Sunday’s “other” big game – check it out below!