Animal Planet Takes Viewers to ‘Battleground: Rhino Wars’

Battleground: Rhino WarsI’ve shared here on the blog before that one of the most impactful places that I’ve visited was South Africa. So, it’s no surprise that I’ll be tied to my TV tomorrow night for Battleground: Rhino Wars on Animal Planet — as difficult as the subject at hand may be.

In Kruger National Park, an area full of such natural beauty, nearly 700 rhinos fall prey to poachers every year — driven by the commercial demand for rhino horns (more valuable than gold). In Rhino Wars,  cameras reveal the violence and carnage as park rangers are murdered trying to protect the wildlife that’s indigenous to their homeland. However, four current and former members of the U.S. Special Ops have joined the fight to train the anti-poaching corps, exchange tactical information and go on the front lines in the battle protect the wildlife indigenous to South Africa.

Meat the team taking the poachers on and preview the show below (warning: it is graphic and heartwrenching), and tune into Animal Planet Thursday, March 7, at 9pm ET/PT to learn more about the fight and help us educate others about the plight of the rhino.