Discovery Education Hosts EdTech Influencers for ‘Beyond Textbooks’ Event

Beyond Textbooks Attendees

On the heels of announcing the exciting news that Discovery Education will be developing a mathematics book for its award-winning Techbook, Discovery Education hosted its second ‘think tank’ style event last week with influencers in the education technology space. The event, Beyond the Textbook, was designed to be an open dialogue about the state of education and how future iterations of technology like Discovery Education’s Techbook can be improved to even better serve teachers and students.

Seventeen education influencers attended the two-day event, sifting through some of the crucial questions of content delivery in education, especially as it pertains to mathematics. The event resulted in learnings on all sides, and eventually some great, thought-provoking blog posts from some of the attendees. Rafranz Davis left with high hopes for the Techbook, writing “I will say that if Discovery [Education] can do what we envisioned, even pieces of it, along with what they are already doing…the math techbooks will be astronomically outstanding.” Christopher Danielson, still had some questions, given his understanding of the difficulties in writing math curriculum, but ultimately felt that if Discovery Education ‘gets’ some of the concerns and challenges raised at Beyond Textbooks, “the sky is the limit”.