TLC Thursdays Get Inked with ‘America’s Worst Tattoos’ and ‘NY Ink’

NY Ink’s Tommy Montoya is ready to take on Season Three.

Tattoo greats meet tattoo mistakes this Thursday on TLC with the series premiere of America’s Worst Tattoos and season premiere of  NY Ink.

The madness begins at 9pm ET/PT with the premiere of America’s Worst Tattoos, a new show that challenges famous tattoo artists, including Tim Pangburn, Jeremy Swan and NY Ink‘s Megan Massacre, to turn America’s most awful, shocking and weird tattoos into great masterpieces. TLC will show you the entire process — from unfortunate brainstorm to creative coverup to the final reveal.

Later, TLC invites you to experience NY Ink‘s season three premiere at 10pm ET/PT. Join SoHo’s Wooster Street Social Club, featuring the famed tattoo king Ami James and his team, as they welcome new artists from all over the world into their world of the tattoo elite. Emotions will run high as the artists fight to pursue their passions among internal team tensions.

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