Animal Planet L!VE Launches, Exponentially Increasing Cuteness Levels Across the Nation

Productivity across the U.S. will see a sharp decline today as Animal Planet launches Animal Planet L!VE, a new experience that gives animal lovers a round-the-clock view into the habitats of whales, penguins, puppies, calves and more.

In partnership with Audubon Nature, the National AquariumSouth Mountain Creamery and the Washington Animal Rescue League, Animal Planet L!VE will bring viewers into 11 different animal communities through live, 24/7 HD cams. Animal lovers can take a break with snoozing kittens, hardworking ants and even majestic beluga whales, immersing themselves in these animal habitats through strategically placed eye-level cameras. Although I am personally pre-disposed to favor the puppy cam (as an avid dog-lover), the calf cam has also turned out to be a surprise favorite of mine – though it’s admittedly tough to pick just one!

The full list of animals currently featured include:

  • Ant Cam: A childhood ant farm has nothing on this colony of leafcutter ants from Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium in New Orleans.
  • Beluga Cam: In one of several cams from’s Pearls of the Planet collection, the sleek Beluga whales from Vancouver Aquarium are put in the spotlight, entrancing audiences.
  • Calf Cam: Joining the chicks online from the South Mountain Creamery in Middletown, Maryland, watch baby calves find their legs and explore a whole new world.
  • Chick Cam: Spring has sprung early with these adorable chicks that call the South Mountain Creamery home.
  • Cockroach Cam: While feelings may be mixed on these creatures that have inhabited our planet since the Cretaceous period, viewers will be mesmerized by their activity and surprise setting inspired by the southern home of Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium.
  • Kitten Cam: Launched in November 2012, the adoptable kittens from the Washington Animal Rescue League have pawed their way into the hearts of online audiences.
  • Pacific Reef Cam: In partnership with the National Aquarium, this cam lets ocean lovers visit a pacific reef habitat without the scuba gear or getting wet.
  • Penguin Cam: The best-dressed of Animal Planet L!VE,’s underwater cam captures the Magellanic penguins, man of which were rescued in Brazilian waters from the Aquarium of the Pacific.
  • Puppy Cam: Debuting earlier this year in conjunction with PUPPY BOWL, the puppies featured from Washington Animal Rescue League (as with the kittens) are all available for adoption through
  • Sea Nettle Cam: A living meditation for people who need a break in the day, this cam features the hypnotic Japanese sea nettles from the Vancouver Aquarium hypnotize.
  • Wild Bird Cam: Who will come visit the Animal Planet L!VE birdhouse? Take your perch and see!