Kal Penn’s ‘The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius’ Premieres Tonight on Discovery Channel

Could the next Einstein be in our ranks?

On The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius, premiering tonight on Discovery Channel at 10pm ET/PT, host Kal Penn launches his search for the next great innovator that could change the future of our world.

In each episode, Penn will present contestants with a seemingly impossible engineering challenge that must be solved in just 30 minutes. The judges will then choose the best engineering concept and select two captains to lead a team in execution. The team with the best execution will receive immunity, and judges will choose one member of the losing team to be eliminated.

This season, contestants will be challenged to detonate explosive bombs on the back of speeding pick-up trucks, create a portable bunker that can be deployed in five minutes and is able to withstand fire, pressurized water and high-speed winds; and construct a robot capable of competing in three different athletic events.

The final winner of the competition will receive a one-year contract to work at WET, the industry leader behind some of the world’s most innovative water-based designed environments and experiences.

Still not convinced? We’ll turn it over to Kal. He has five reasons for you to tune in tonight.