Revision3 Launches New Digital Network: TestTube

TestTube LogoOne of the perks of working at Discovery often means getting to check out a sneak peek of some of our best work before it hits the airwaves – or in this case, the web. A month or so ago, I had the pleasure of seeing the work in progress that was TestTube , so I am thrilled that today we can finally announce the launch of this awesome new digital video network.

Earlier today, Discovery Communications & Revision3 announced the launch of TestTube, a digital video network designed to satiate the incurably curious.

TestTube fearlessly takes viewers into unexplored territory with all-new series that feature some of the Internet’s top hosts and stars and original programs, including “Pick Your Poison,” which explores what happens to the human body when it comes in contact with different toxins, “Stuff of Genius,” which shares the stories behind everyday inventions, and “Stuff Mom Never Told You,” which dives deep into the business of womanhood.

Get your curiousity on at TestTube.Com and with the samples below – we’ve learned you can’t just stop at one!