Welcome to the Family, Phil DeFranco!

revision3-logoOn the heels of the one year anniversary of acquiring Revision3, we are thrilled to announce today that Phil DeFranco has officially joined the Revision3 family! As Senior Vice President of Phil DeFranco Networks and Merchandise at Revision3, Phil will take on a leadership role on Revision3’s programming team.

Launched in 2006, The Philip DeFranco show has become a web sensation, spawning a loyal community known as”The Nation.” Phil’s upbeat personality and quick takes on pop culture news on The Philip DeFranco show quickly developed into other businesses, including SourceFed News, The Vloggity and a merchandise line. Since his web debut, DeFranco’s channels and shows have amassed more than one billion views.

As an Internet and TV personality, DeFranco has taken on everything from Discovery Channel’s Shark Week (you may remember him as the host of the Shark Week Chompdown in 2012) to the most recent Democratic and Republican National Conventions, as one of only a handful of hosts for YouTube’s live coverage of the U.S. presidential race. With such an amazing track record, we can’t wait to see what’s next – welcome to the team, Phil!