Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership Celebrates Learning Center Graduation

Four years ago, the Discovery Global Education Partnership (DCGEP) Learning Center project, funded by The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF), began in Morocco, with five primary schools each in Casablanca and Rabat. Since then, the project has grown to include 20 schools, and last week, the Learning Center celebrated success with TCCAF and DCGEP formally handing over the Learning Center project to the Regional Academy of Education and Training of Greater Casablanca.

Since its launch in 2009, the Learning Center initiative has reached approximately 20,000 students and more than 420 teachers. Over the years, the initiative has funded the installation of televisions and DVD players, extensive teacher training on the use of video to complement curricular objectives and a comprehensive DCGEP educational video library with more than 260 segments mapped to Morroco’s school curriculum.

The program has delivered exceptional results. An independent project evaluation in Morocco showed improvements in teacher performance and student ability and understanding of core subjects as well as positive changes in teacher’s creativity, teaching style and ability to hold the students’ interest. Furthermore, through community outreach and parent-teacher associations, the centers have been able to address specific community needs, such as health campaigns and outreach to students with learning disabilities, ensuring improvements extend beyond the classroom.

At last week’s graduation ceremony, students, teachers, senior Ministry and Academy officials, and many other community leaders gathered at the Centre Régional des Métiers de l’Education et de la Formation, where they were met by students in traditional attire, waving small Moroccan flags amongst flags with DCGEP and TCCAF logos. After viewing a short film on the Learning Centre project in Morocco and a presentation on the initiative, a representative from the Ministry of Education spoke on the importance of continuing to expand the initiative to schools across Morocco and expressed interest in collaborating with DCGEP in pre-service training centers. After a choral performance by students, other students shared skits and testimonials about their enhanced learning experiences with DCGEP, and the ceremony concluded with the presentation of trophies to officials and principals who had supported the initiative and play key roles in its growth.

The Learning Center in Morocco is part of a larger partnership between TCCAF and DCGEP that began in 2007 to improve educational opportunities for children and communities in nine countries through the school-based initiative. Thus far, more than 300 TCCAF-DCGEP Learning Centers have been established in Angola, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda, serving 417,670 students, more than 11,800 teachers and an estimated 1.2 million community members.

Back in Silver Spring, we’re sending big congratulations and the best of luck to the students, teachers, administrators and leaders who have built this initiative and will continue to expand it – looking forward to seeing all to come!

DCGEP Learning Center Morroco Graduation



DCGEP Learning Center Morocco Graduation