Science Channel, Discovery Channel Bring Discovery Spirit to Comic-Con

Comic-Con 2013This weekend, the Science Channel and Discovery Channel joined more than 130,000 comic book fans in San Diego for Comic-Con 2013, the largest international celebration of comics and popular art. With over 20,000 swag bags in tow, the Science Channel took San Diego by storm, presenting two prime-time panels that quickly became “standing room only,” while the Discovery Channel blanketed the city in a protest to “Save Snuffy.”

On Friday, the Science Channel presented its panel for Outrageous Acts of Science, a breakout series, set to premiere on Sunday, August 4 at 4pm ET/PT, where citizen scientists from around the world walk the line between genius and insanity. The panelists, including Science Channel’s Hakeem Oluseyi and Eric Gradman, dissected some of the craziest web videos ever created, drawing from astrophysics and biology for answers.

On Saturday, Science Channel took its fans on a mystifying journey, with The Unexplained Files, based off a new show to premiere on Wednesday, August 28 at 9pm ET/PT.  Scientists, eyewitnesses, and producers shared never-before-seen footage of some of the world’s most puzzling phenomena – UFO sightings, peculiar afflictions, strange loud sounds – and then shared first-person accounts of some of the truly unexplainable, including encounters with The Blue Dog, Mothman, Alien Ran, The Ghost Yatch, Morellon’s Disease and much more.

Throughout the weekend, Discovery Channel recruited fans to join their fight to “Save Snuffy,” the seal featured in the infamous Shark Week ad. On Friday and Saturday, a large aerial banner flew around San Diego, and Snuffy protestors demanded justice for the seal on the ground, passing out “Save Snuffy” bumper stickers and asking digital fans to share their support on Facebook and Twitter.

Couldn’t make it to Comic-Con? Take a peek at some photos below, and check out Science Channel on Instagram for more!

Save Snuffy at Comic-Con

Save Snuffy Aerial Ad at Comic-Con

Science Channel at Comic-ConScience Channel Panel at Comic-Con