Animal Planet India Celebrates 67th Anniversary of India’s Independence with ‘Yeh Mera India’

Yeh Mera IndiaAs India celebrates its 67th year of independence, Animal Planet India is joining the celebration with Yeh Mera India, a month-long programming special, highlighting the country’s exotic wildlife, varied landscapes and natural treasures. Traveling from the mountains of Himalayas to the wetlands of Odisha and from the Sahyadari ranges in Western Ghats to the Bandhavgarh Forests in the heart of India, the line-up will spotlight rare species such as the lion-tailed macaque, Mahseer fish and Malabar Pit Vipers.

Throughout the week, audiences can enjoy programming that includes Jungle Hooks: India, chronicling angler Jeremy Wade’s search for a rare and dangerous fish in Ganges; Odisha’s Wetlands, documenting the importance of the wetlands in maintaining ecological balance and Shola — India’s Jungle of Rain, showcasing the incredible variety of wildlife present in the Western Ghats.

Additionally, Animal Planet will launch the Yeh Mehra India animal anthem, a song created to pay tribute to the spectacular Indian wildlife. The multi-lingual song, featuring three of the languages spoken across India — Hindi, Bengali and Tamil — was composed by Bollywood music directors, Salim and Sulaiman Merchant, and sung by Salim, June Banerjee and Nandini Srikar.

We’ve included images of two of the animals featured in the Yeh Mehra India anthem below — the tiger and the Dhole, also know as the Indian Wild Dog — hope you’ll join us for the celebration!

 Yeh Mera India - Tigers

Yeh Mera India - India Wild Dogs