Destination America Shows NYC What Happens ‘When Ghosts Attack’

Destination AmericaOn Tuesday night as the temperatures dropped in New York City, Destination America kicked off Halloween season with a spooky sneak peek screening of its new series, When Ghosts Attack, premiering Saturday, October 20 at 10PM ET/PT.

General Manager Marc Etkind kicked off the evening of frightful fun, which began with a spooktacular screening of the series’ premiere episode before an audience that included members of the press, ad sales clients, and Discovery executives like Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery, Destination America, and Military Channel. Several lucky Destination America fans were also chosen via social media sweepstakes to be treated to the night’s festivities.

In the premiere episode of When Ghosts Attack, Lori Settle and her family encounter strange occurrences in their home. But when the incidents become physical confrontations, they start to fear that a deadly force is on the loose and looking for blood. Following the screening, a panel discussion with the Settle family, Sirens Media producer Bethany McMahon, and paranormal reporter Aaron Sagers left guests with a lingering sense that life after death is much more powerful – and sometimes more possessive – than they could have possibly imagined.

The evening was full of bumps and chills, not least of all because it was held at New York’s historic restaurant One If By Land, Two If By Sea, which is rumored to be haunted by at least 20 ghosts, including that of former Vice President Aaron Burr. Employees at the West Village institution have experienced flying plates, flickering lights, and the occasional push from an invisible force. Between “Bloody Murder” themed cocktails, tarot card and palm readers, and the venue’s moody decor, guests were treated to a haunting experience that they won’t soon forget.

When Ghosts Attack exposes what happens when an unseen, evil entity not only reveals itself to the living but strikes with terrifying force. In the eight-episode first season, travel to the dark side of the paranormal world, where poltergeist activity – like objects moving on their own – is child’s play compared to the torment of a malevolent demon. Hear first-hand what went through the victim’s mind as their experience escalated from threatening whispers and dark omens to scratches, shoves, and the anguish of having to live alongside their invisible enemy.

Want to join in on the spooky fun? Check out the series sneak peek and event photos below – BOO!


Palm Read
Palm Reading
One If By Land, Two If By Sea Bar
One If By Land, Two If By Sea Bar
Paranormal Panel
Paranormal reporter Aaron Sager moderates a panel consisting of Lori and Beverly Settle and Sirens Media series producer Bethany McMahon