Penguins ‘Waddle’ Their Way Onto Discovery This Saturday

Penguins: Waddle All The WayI, like many, have a soft spot in my heart for penguins so I was personally thrilled to learn that this Saturday, Discovery Channel is fulfilling my wish of a life with more penguins (and, really, is that so much to ask?) with its new BBC co-production, Penguins: Waddle All The Way.

Premiering Saturday, November 23 at 9PM ET/PT, Penguins: Waddle All the Way is a two-hour special event dedicated to exploring the colorful secrets behind the elusive world of penguins.

Award-winning wildlife filmmaker John Downer developed a team of Penguin Spy Cams, developed to look as lifelike as penguins themselves, allowing us to take an unprecedented glimpse into the lives of three different penguin species: emperor penguins in Antarctica, rockhopper penguins on the Falkland Islands, and Humboldt penguins in the Atacama Desert of Peru. The Penguin Cams can swim, toboggan, waddle, jump and even lay fake eggs and even look so life-like that some of the penguins try to befriend them.

Can’t wait until Saturday for all the fun? Check out a sneak peek of Penguins: Waddle All the Way below!