Know More, Feel More, Do More: Introducing Sci2


Ever wonder what happens when you drop a magnet into a copper pipe? What 100 tons of explosives looks like? How astronauts wash their hair in space? Introducing Sci2 (, Science Channel’s new video-focused digital destination for those who can’t get enough educational, mind-blowing, engaging science content. Sci2 curates the best, most awe-inspiring science content and live feeds from across the web in a simple, compelling experience. Optimized for all platforms, Sci2 is meant to take with you wherever you (and your insatiable science curiosity) go.
Compiled by the Science Channel team and chief curator Elise Andrew, who has grown her I F***ing Love Science Facebook page to include more than 10 million passionate followers, Sci2 visitors will find new content daily to feed their appetite for the infinitely awesome. The team of curators will include only the best of the most buzzed about, sharable, mind-shifting science videos available anywhere.

Visit to check out:

  • Streaming video of assembly lines across America in the aptly named How It’s Made feed
  • Special slow-motion video streams
  • Live city cams from around the world
  • Time-lapse video feeds
  • Footage from NASA
  • A vintage science experiments feed