Investigation Discovery’s Injustice Files Returns with ‘Sundown Towns’

On the latest installment of Investigation Discovery’s Injustice Files documentary filmmaker Keith Beuachamp explores “sundown towns” – communities in America that didn’t allow African American people to live there or even be present once the sun went down.

Tonight at 8PM ET/PT on Injustice Files: Sundown Towns, Beauchamp will visit three historic sundown towns in Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. Beauchamp explains that sundown towns are largely a northern phenomenon born from the nature of work that African-Americans in the region did. Work largely consisted of daytime domestic responsibilities, so nightly curfews were created to encourage African-American workers to leave town promptly at the end of their shift. Sundown Towns were outlawed in the 1960’s but Beauchamp investigates whether or not they have fully gone away.

Check out a sneak peek of Injustice Files: Sundown Towns below and don’t miss the premiere tonight at 8PM ET/PT on Investigation Discovery.