‘Breaking Magic’ Star Ben Hanlin Visits London

As Western Europe prepares for the March 12 premiere of Discovery Channel show, Breaking Magic, a breath-taking series that follows four of the world’s most innovative magicians around the globe as they transform pure science into magic tricks on the street, London fans of Discovery Channel show, Breaking Magic, were treated to a visit from star Ben Hanlin.

The magical day kicked off with a visit to Kiss 100, one of the UK’s biggest radio stations, where Ben shared some of his best magic tricks with the show’s DJs – you can catch a few at the end of the post!

Later in the day, Hanlin met with members of the Western European media, including journalists from EFE, Spain’s biggest wire agency, ABC, a major national Spanish newspaper, and Spits, the Netherlands’ biggest free daily newspaper.

Hanlin closed out his busy day with the Western Europe marketing team, creating fun videos for the “Make Your World Bigger” campaign. Check out some fun images and videos below and look out for the UK premiere on March 20!


Ben Hanlin at Kiss 100