Discovery Channel Invites Viewers to Get ‘Naked’ – On-Air & Online

Following Sunday’s long-awaited return of Discovery’s most stripped down series, Naked and Afraid at 9 PM ET/PT, comedian Josh Wolf will explore all things naked – including interviews with castaways, special celebrity guests, and exclusive behind-the- scenes footage from Naked and Afraid – on the new after show, Naked After Dark.

If you’re looking to get even more intimate with the show, we have plenty of ways for you to get in on the action – before, during and after the premiere!Get Naked and Afraid

  • Personal Survival Rating: Think you could do better than the castaways? Find out how you would stack up on Naked and Afraid by taking the personal survival rating test.
  • Join the Conversation Online and on TV: Tweet with the hashtag #NakedandAfraid and your Tweet could be featured live, on-air during Naked and Afraid and Naked After Dark.
  • Naked Madness:  Visit on Sunday, March 16 to fill out your March Madness bracket – Naked and Afraid style
  • Get Naked & Afraid: Download the free app for iPhone and Android & Google Play, and upload your photo to transform yourself into a naked castaway. You can share photos on Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram .

We’ve shared a sneak peek below- join us Sunday for the season premiere of Naked and Afraid at 9pm ET and Naked After Dark at 10:30pm ET!