Discovery Networks International Launches ID Xtra Across Europe

At MipDoc, an annual gathering of industry leaders in factual programming held in Cannes, Discovery Networks Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEEMEA) unveiled the launch of ID Xtra, an offshoot of Investigation Discovery. Glossy, contemporary and filled with stories of passion-crimes, ID Xtra launched on April 1 in several markets across the region: Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia. Within the next three months, as many as 14 countries in CEEMEA will receive the channel.

The channel, targeted towards women, will showcase unrivalled story-telling and immersive real-life mysteries, in a contemporary and stylish format, to present gripping suspense programming and dramas of everyday people behaving badly.

The channel’s launch line-up includes:

  • TABLOID: Guaranteed to satisfy inquiring minds, the one-hour show is hosted by the Emmy Award-winning king of tabloid television, Jerry Springer, who peels back the curtain to probe the most bizarre larger-than-life stories you can’t possibly imagine. From the forensic student who is blinded by love and then thrust into a crime scene right out of CSI, to the real-life Thelma and Louise couple, Jerry explores infamous headlines from across America.
  • House of Horrors: Kidnapped – From the terrors of the Cleveland kidnappings, to Marc Schiller’s incredible survival story, this new series takes a closer look at some of the world’s most famous kidnapping stories.
  • Redrum (“Murder” spelled backwards) – Moving in reverse, this show debuts the next great angle in compelling storytelling as it starts at the scene of the crime and goes backwards in time to reveal the killer, revealing their motive and the truth behind what really drove them to murder. The show illustrates how a murder investigation never starts at the beginning, but when a body is found.  It’s up to the investigators to piece together the story, tracing the series of intersecting, and often complex, events and relationships that unfolded to arrive at the root of the crime.
  • Crime with Tamron Hall – MSNBC Host and NBC News Correspondent/Anchor Tamron Hall joins ID Xtra as the host of this fast-paced, investigative news program. A respected anchor and investigative journalist, Hall knows first-hand the effect of violent crime, as her older sister was a murder victim in a case that is still officially unsolved. In each one-hour episode, Hall is joined by a core team of correspondents with extensive knowledge of law enforcement, to go beyond the headlines and explore not only what happened, but why.

We’ve included some images from ID Xtra’s launch below, and for those of you lucky enough to have access to the channel, we hope you’ll tune in to catch ID Xtra!

Jerry Spring and clients at launch of ID Xtra event
Jerry Spring and clients at launch of ID Xtra event
Kasia Kieli, Jerry Spring and Kieli's husband, Rafal, at ID Xtra Launch Event
Kasia Kieli, Jerry Springer and Kieli’s husband, Rafal, at ID Xtra Launch Event