500 Days to a World of Difference

Today’s guest post on Discovery Blog is from Salma Bahramy, Communications Specialist for Discovery Learning Alliance.

Discovery Learning Alliance's Tammy Noboa (Far Left) and A World at School's Sarah Brown (Far Right) with Two Global Youth Ambassadors
Discovery Learning Alliance’s Tammy Noboa (Far Left) and A World at School’s Sarah Brown (Far Right) with Two Global Youth Ambassadors

“We are here to help ensure that every child enjoys his or her right to education – and I am pleased to stand with all of you in working towards that goal,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at a summit last week that convened global policy leaders, campaigners, NGOs and youth activists in mobilizing around the UN Millennium Development Goals education target.

Hosted by A World at School, the 2015 Countdown Summit kicked off with an announcement of a worldwide campaign that aims to get 57 million children into school and learning, by the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown. A World at School Founder Sarah Brown announced Discovery Communications and Discovery Learning Alliance as the campaign’s media partners. Discovery Learning Alliance’s Tammy Noboa addressed the audience, highlighting the power of media to transform education and lives.

To support the campaign, Discovery will air PSAs highlighting the urgent need for quality universal education and the work of the Discovery founded nonprofit Discovery Learning Alliance. Through Discovery Learning Alliance, the spots will also reach audiences in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as the summit launched into an announcement of a network of more than 500 Global Youth Ambassadors – young boys and girls from 80 countries who will work internationally to promote quality education for children everywhere. Global Youth Ambassadors from Rwanda, Pakistan, and Guyana shared their personal accounts of how education has impacted their lives and the barriers they’ve faced along the way.

As the opening plenary wrapped up, the summit broke off into panels and working sessions to tackle topics such as teacher training, education policy, youth advocacy and more. Discovery’s Noboa spoke on a panel highlighting Discovery Learning Alliance’s commitment to advancing global education goals through its media programs and initiatives.

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